Environmental policy
Untill date, Global Golf has participated in more than 40 environmental projects with participation in numerous golf course environmental impact studies. We have to emphasize "The Environmetal Management Guide in Design and Construction for Andalucía´s Golf Courses"
Consultancy and Environmental Impact Studies
Environmental evaluation proceedings
Irrigation concession projects
Processing of construction license.
Golf Resort Lagos de San Miguel
Environmental impact study of "Lagos de San Miguel" La Roda (Albacete)
Place: La Roda (Albacete)
Client: La Cañada de San Miguel S.L.
Date: 2006
Golf Lomas de Badaguás
Environmenta impact study of Golf Lomas de Badaguás, Jaca, Huesca
Place: Jaca, Huesca
Client: Fadesa Inmobiliaria
Date: 2002
Illescas Golf
Environmental impact studys of Illescas Golf Curse, Toledo
Place: Illescas, Toledo
Client: Fadesa Inmobiliaria
Date: 2002
Campo de Golf de Aranjuez, Madrid
Environmental Iimpact studys of Aranjuez Golf Course, Madrid
Place: Aranjuez, Madrid
Client: Fadesa Inmobiliaria
Date: 2002
Tres Cantos Golf
Environmental impact study of the Tres Cantos Golf Course, Madrid, in colaboration with Melisa
Place: Madrid
Client: Sotonce
Date: 2001
Campo de Golf de Laukáriz
Environmental impact study of Laukáriz Golf Course, Bilbao
Place: Bilbao
Client: Club de Golf Laukáriz
Date: 2001
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